Thursday, December 10, 2009

Evaluating Websites I would recommend this website for our patron who wants to find out quickly any other books recommended by more than one supplier online for either the same author whom they recently read a book of him or any related book title similar to the one they have read. This makes it easier to search, find and buy a book or even note down the name of the book which they can then find out if the book is available in our library.

Book lamp: I would recommend this website for those readers who want to match books through an analysis of writing styles. BookLamp allows you to find books with a similar level of tone, tense, perspective, action, description, and dialog - while at the same time allowing you to specify details like... half the length. It is more for patrons who want similarity in the way the book has been written rather than a wide range of books for the same author.

What should I read next?: Very much similar to bookseer when searching but the result is more dependent on what other readers recommend for you to read next rather than the website filtering books for the same author or similar title, it simply help people to share their favourite items with each other so I recommend this to patrons who want to read the next book based on other readers recommendations.

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