Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exercise # 10: Library 2.0 - New World of Technology

Away from Icebergs !

I personally liked what Rick Anderson had to say about Web 2.0. I do agree with the three elements he introduced and to say that patrons are definitely using the Internet these days to find all the information they need fast and effective way and that we need to move to the Web and provide online access in our libraries as our patrons will expect access to everything – digital collections of journals, books, blogs, podcasts, etc.

I also like how he said because of the ratio we have in our libraries between the librarian and the patrons we cannot educate our patrons everything and hence why we need to make sure everything is easy to use eg. One-button commands, such as Flickr’s “Blog This,” and easy-to-use programs like Google Page Creator, offer promising models for this kind of user-centric service.

It would be great to see our patrons reviewing books online, making comments on a blog or even suggesting things they would like to see different at the library.

His three elements were:

  • The “just in case” collection - Bits and pieces of previous information age
  • Reliance on user education – Practices
  • The “come to us” model of library service - Attitudes

I also read Michael Stephen’s blog and I agree with what he said about librarian recognizes how quickly the world and library users change with advancing technology. Project timelines that stretch on for months simply do not work in Library 2.0 thinking.

I also liked what was written in the "Away from Icebergs” and decided to attach my screen saver image to this exercise.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#9: Lost in the world of Technorati

Even though this exercise may seem easier than the others but for some reason I was confused and lost for about 20 minutes trying to find where the Blog Directory is .. I can see where blogs tab is and I have used it to search for my word/s but I am hoping this is what they meant by Blog Directory.

Anyhow, When I searched for Learning 2.0 ... as a blog and tags they are both relating to eduction technology education so the result is the same.

I was still not convinced about this site so I decided to search for "libraries" and it hit me that even though I am searching for that word the search engine breaks my word into 4 different categories to make it easier for me to see posts related to this word, Blogs, photos and videos individually. In each section I also have related tags to help me find what I am after and filter it down.

Now I see the value of this website and why they are so big in blogging. I am not sure if I would use this website after we finish our programme as I see Google is easier for me to search for what I need (whether blogging or any kind of information). But this may work if I decided to write more blogs or search for more blogs in the future.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I personally see as another way of searching for what you are after but in more relative way than other search engines plus you can save them as a bookmark so it is easy to find and you can share it your bookmarks with others. It is also another way of organizing your favorite bookmarks list. As for tagging, A tag is simply a word you can use to describe a bookmark. Unlike folders, you make up tags when you need them and you can use as many as you like. The result is a better way to organize your bookmarks and a great way to discover interesting things on the Web.

It is a
tool which can be used for either research assistance, or an easy way to create bookmarks that can be accessed from anywhere.

Monday, August 18, 2008

#7 Part 1: RSS

It took me a while to figure out how things work especially not knowing what RSS is until today. I started this exercise with confusion but as soon as I signed up and started to search I realized it is not that bad after all.

saves time. Instead of remembering to visit a favorite Website, the news or information you want comes directly into your computer at whatever interval you want. In addition, most RSS feeds contain only links, headlines, or brief synopses of new information so you don't need to spend too much time reading the old information. By adding your favorite website into your feeds you will have everything there so you don't need to search for it.

I see it really helpful for those who wants to have everything centralized and in one place whether it is work related in the library or at home.

I have added 13 feeds (mix of both work related and personal preference).

#7: Part 2 Search for RSS Feeds

I found the search at the top right hand side combined with subscribe to URL the easiest to use, find and navigate. The confusing search would have to be search by citations. There are so many ways of searching for feeds such as clicking on add at the left hand list just above your feed list and this way you can select what interest you from the category list and you can subscribe from there.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

#6: USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive is the new technology that came after the idea of Floppy Disk to store information for back up purposes or for transferring files and informations from one computer to the other.

USB flash drive allows you to easily store and carry large files in a form factor no bigger than a lighter, replacing the need for a floppy disk or the hassle of burning CDs. They are normally Pocket-sized and lightweight and you can store up to 16 GB these days. Price from as little as $9.95 depending on the size of the flash drive. Great to have and easy to carry around and have handy when need it in your purse. You can buy them from any electronics or computer shops such as Warehouse Stationary or Dick Smith etc.

Below is how the USB Flash Drive looks like:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#5: Big Huge Labs and Flickr

I was overwhelmed with how many apps there were and each one of them is more impressive than the other.

I was however drawn straight away to
where you can create a pho
to mosaics from photos found on your Flickr. I didn't realize how simple it was that I didn't need to register again and that it signed me up by using my Flickr account, I then chose the images I have uploaded recently to Flickr through this to do amazing ways of looking at my photos at once.

Please follow the link below to see what I have created in my Flickr using this amazing and easy to use tool:

I had to come back to this exercise after few hours as I wanted to do something more funky so I decided to do of the same photos I created above a
Here is the link:

It was easy to follow and have definitely enjoyed it.

#4: New Zealand Natives

Searching in Flickr for any specific topic/group was very easy to use. I was after New Zealand Birds so I typed it in and there it was a big list of all kind of New Zealand Birds. I chose the following link as it has a selection of images for New Zealand Natives Birds.

Below is the link:

I have also attached one of the images here which will link you straight away to the link above.