Friday, November 27, 2009

File Converters

I loved Google Docs, what a great little tool and so easy to use. It is a must to know and will certainly help our patrons with converting files. There were many times in the past when I have received Word 2007 document at home and could not open it with my Word 2000 application and so this a great solution for users like me who had in the past an older version and couldn’t view it.

Below are my findings after converting the file:
Graphics are still in the same place
The image of the bullet has changed to normal bullet
Font style is still the same throughout the document
Font size has decreased in some places by 2pt
Bold and italics are still the same throughout the document
The table lost its black borders but the layout of the table is still the same.

Despite the minor changes that did occur while converting the file, the document is still very much readable and in terms of the layout, it is still the same so definitely recommended to all and a great service to offer in all our libraries.

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