Thursday, November 26, 2009

Google Web Searches

Sometimes we think that the word or the phrase that we type is meant to give us a great search result but in fact we get the opposite and sometimes it is not even related to what we are after.

So I started off with Google and I searched for the following "tips in the garden", I then viewed my results using show options and looked at videos, news, blogs etc. The search took less than 43 seconds and results were great. I could watch videos for some tips in the garden I can read forums and blogs. In fact the results were relevant to my query.

I then used exactly the same phrase in Yahoo, despite the fact that it was still as quick but the results were nothing like Google. And when I clicked to view videos and images using the links at the top of the screen, it took time to think. I wasn't impressed at all.

Next was bing, used the same phrase and results were good however you can't view videos or forums or blogs easily using a menu but they did have one positive tool and that was related searches on the left hand side. Simple and easy to use search engine but not a lot of search results like Google.

As for Exalead, very similar layout to Yahoo website however the results were more for websites that are selling goods so more for leads rather than knowledge based. They also had an added feature beside each of the search result and that is a small screenshot of the website itself for each search result which is something I am not very familiar with since we use Google all the time and this looks like an added feature to Exalead. The results weren't bad and they did have links to view all images related and videos related separately.

Likes, Google's show options especially wonder wheel and timeline. Bing for being so simple and their related searches feature.

Dislikes, Exalead's search result especially it is more to promote websites that sells rather than tips and knowledge.

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