Thursday, November 26, 2009

Google Specialist Search Engines

I have always used You Tube in the past but looking at blinx for the first time and getting to use it, I personally like it a lot especially their Advanced Search option. It really helps when you want to search under different or specific providers or when you want to limit your content providers to the ones you think will have the results or the videos you want in one hit rather than having to go on each provider's website and search for what you are after. You Tube tend to only show you what it is been uploaded to You Tube results rather than searching other providers for results. I would definitely recommend blinx and will be using it in the future.

Since everything these days is done online, including shopping, viewing your bank statement and social networking, it makes sense to have magazines to view easily online and what a great way to search for your favourite magazine on Google and to be able to view it like a magazine and read it easily and what is even better is that on the contents page of a magazine you can actually click on the topic and it will take you straight to the page you would like to read more about. I believe this magazine option is useful for whether you are after a very old edition that you can't find or even a current edition where it is easier to search for and read without having to go anywhere to find it.

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